Bielevatore S1 Super - BLV S1S - D' Amico Officine, Ostuni (Brindisi) Puglia Italy: Construction and agricultural machinery construction, Aerial Platforms

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Bielevatore S1 Super - BLV S1S

Macchine di Produzione
Bielevatore S1 SUPER is a lifting unit with two self leveling baskets mounted on telescoping arms that can be exclusively controlled by the operators from inside the baskets. The lift is attached to the 3 point linkage of a tractor that provides both mechanical support and the a hydraulic power required. Bielevatore S1 SUPER has been jointly engineered by D’Amico and the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bari, Italy. Originally meant to offer a low cost attachment for farming works like orchard and olive trees maintenance and fruits a picking, Bielevatore S1 SUPER has proven suitable for many other works like municipal maintenance of green [park and street trees, for example, telephone and electric lines, street boards, buildings, visual check of bridges, positioning and removing of temporary advertising, etceteras. Bielevatore S1 SUPER is engineered according to CE norms as well as according to the directives 2006 /42 /CE. It features a hydraulic system to control all movements as well as a pneumatic system with built·in air compressor to feed pneumatic tools like saws, shears, pneumatic wrenches, grinders, drills, paint sprayers and more so that each basket is an independent working station.

Caratteristiche tecniche

  • Potenza Minima della trattrice: 80 cv dt. presa di potenza 540 giri/min.

  • Rotazione complessiva braccio elevabile: 180° posteriori (90° per braccio)

  • Peso: 1500 Kg (compreso gruppo compressore)

  • portata per cestello: 120 Kg

  • h max di calpestio: 8,90 mt

  • h di lavoro: 10,90 mt

  • Sbraccio max 6,60 mt

un request
  • Pneumatic mule: compressor, saw, shear, alive rake harvester, hedge cutter, etc.

Technical Features
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Piattaforme Aeree Ostuni (Brindisi) Puglia

Piattaforma Aerea Prodotta e Commercializzata dalla D' Amico Officine di Ostuni (Brindisi) in Puglia


Aerial platforms produced by D’Amico Officine Ostuni

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